The Manipulated v. The Beautiful

All rise.

This series of work is about manipulation and beauty, and how manipulated beauty can be just as intriguing as natural beauty.

All too often, I see others be put down for the choices they make regarding their body, whether it be the makeup they wear, the tattoos they decorate their body with, or the piercings they sport. One isn’t “too pretty” for an untraditional hair color or septum piercing. That beauty won’t dissipate the second they decide to make a change.

I knew that natural elements needed to be the basis of the photographs, so I continued to work with flowers as I had in a previous project that helped evolve this one. From there, I manipulated these objects that are often symbols of beauty. In some photographs, they wear paint. However, the biggest manipulation that appears in every photograph is the color.

The colors aren’t as they would normally appear in nature, and that’s OK. The colors are vivid to the point where they may not interact well with the viewer’s eyes, and that’s OK. The manipulation may not be the viewer’s cup of tea, and that’s OK.

This project is about both natural and made beauty. If you separate the natural elements from the manipulated elements of the work, there is simplistic beauty. However, there is also a beauty to be found in what has been changed. Rarely is there the realization that there’s beauty in both. Appreciate it for what it is.

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